Americas Region


Landing station in Barbados: Data collection in Caribbean fisheries

Poseidon has completed projects in a number of countries in the Americas. Most recently we conducted assessments of compliance with the EU IUU regulation in both Suriname and Guyana. We have also worked in Suriname on improving the sustainability of tropical shrimp trawling. In Canada, we evaluated NAFO observer schemes and advised on the design of appropriate MCS regimes. In the CARICOM countries, Poseidon designed an economic costs and earnings and socio-economic database and associated data collection programme, and more recently conducted a review of regional MCS programmes in the Caribbean under ACP Fish II funding.

Experience in aquaculture is emphasised by our work on shrimp in Belize, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, and on analysis of regulations and costs/earnings of salmon farming in Chile. We have also worked on fisheries compensation claims (South Georgia and the Falkland Islands), and on Marine Stewardship Council certification assessments in Chile.